Monday, 9 October 2017

Much Needed Styling Tips for Women

The key to buying the right garments is choosing one according to the body type. There are many factors a woman should consider for making the right choice while purchasing outfits. Here are some suggestions on how to sport the look of a fashion diva.
  • Focus on the Strength: All buyers should have the knowledge about the ABCs of shopping before buying clothes. ABC stands for ‘Accentuate (A)’, ‘Balance (B)’ and ‘Camouflage (C).’ Women should stress on those fashion styles that flaunt their strengths and hide their flaws. Thus, should choose the right size and style of clothes. For example, a woman with an ‘hourglass’ figure would look good in slim-fit jeans and V-neck top.
  • Find Out the Suitable Style: The trick to dressing up well is to know what garbs would look good on you. Say, for example, if a specific fit of jeans such as straight-fit suits you well, think of buying several pairs of these jeans.
  • Develop Your Own Style: It is a good idea to experiment with new outfits while sticking to a specific style. This would allow you to develop your own sense of fashion. To avoid overspending, you can buy pre-worn garments for the purpose of experimenting.
  • Simplicity is the Best: The best way to look stylish is being simple with your outfits, accessories, and makeup. When you are in doubt, stick to minimalist jewellery and this rule applies for makeup as well. Apply makeup correctly only for highlighting your best features and for downplaying your flaws.
  • Tailor-Made Outfits: The best way to flaunt your curves is wearing garments with the right fit. The best way to achieve a perfect fit is by wearing clothes that are tailor-made according to the shape and size of your body.
  • Must-Have Outfits: To make a bold style statement you should have the basic fashion accessories in your wardrobe, such as denim jeans, leather jacket, blazer, classic pump black dress, and handbags of neutral shades such as brown, black and white. With these basic accessories, you can make a powerful style statement.

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