Tuesday, 28 February 2017


You know it’s true, the internet has taken over the world. These days every product every service is available online, no matter what is the distance. We are ordering services and products internationally. It is easy to find employment online, people from different countries are exchanging employees. With the help of internet everything has become easy. Here we are talking about the online shopping sites, which have covered the entire world. These online shopping sites are providing people comfort as well as luxury that too just sitting at one place. Today, people are too busy to get time for shopping, the online shopping sites are saving their time and money as well. If you are a merchant and you are trying to attract customers, you must make it sure that the outlook of your web based shopping store should be attractive enough and possess important features. Here onlineclues, a fastest growing online shopping site is sharing main key features that every merchant should keep in mind before coming into the

1. MOBILE FRIENDLY: Mobile, a gadget which is being used by everyone. Not even a single person will be there who do not use mobile phone. A time was there when mobile phones did not have an option of internet, but today no phone is without internet. So, mobile phone is the most used gadget and an online shopping site should be build according to the design that can be used on mobile phone by all users, and from anywhere. It offers the convenience and ease of access to your online store.

2. FREE SHIPPING OPTIONS: According to the study more than half of the customers give preference to the shopping site which provides the option of free shipping. So, free shipping is the important aspect to attract the customers or you can offer them less shipping charges than any other shopping site. Many of the online shopping sites had to face downfall due to heavy shipping charges. According to Onlineclues customers are flexible enough and another study has shown that customers buy extra products from the site where they find low or zero shipping charges. As a business owner, what does this information mean to you? Free or competitive shipping charges.

3. ADVANCE SEARCH FUNCTIONS: An online store should be user friendly. Ask people around you and take a look of your website and find how user friendly is this. This is a very simple and important technique which is often overlooked. Your online shopping site should be set-up in such a way that you find it easier to shop with. If any online store is not giving this facility to its customer that means there is still a lot of work to do to attract the customers. Make it as easy as possible. You need to maintain that flow of shopping, otherwise you might end up at losing customers as well as targeted customers. Search options plays a vital role to make any online store popular, people do not want to find shopping difficult, they want to get easy options and search in an easy way. If we take a look on the site of onlineclues we will find that the search options are quite simple and user friendly. Onlineclues has made the site according to the comfort and ease of customers that make them shopping without any distraction and difficulty. We need to take care of this point so that we can increase the time of a customer spending in the online store.

4. HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS AND IMAGE OPTION: A good quality picture is enough to attract the customer, as we know “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Pictures of products helps a lot to influence the customer. Photos of any product should be taken from every angle so that it becomes easy to get the look of a product from everywhere. Photos should be enhancing the quality and stuff of any product as it is to be selected only by seeing so we can show its quality with the help of pictures. It does not at all mean we exaggerate the looks by enhancing and misleading the customer but it needs a focus from every angle and a good and clear look.

5. DETAILED PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: It is very obvious that an online store do not have any live attendant who can provide the customers a detailed description so a detailed description of any product is required. A description should be creative and clear that puts often a strong selling point. Facts such as size dimensions, weight, expiration date and manufacture date should be mentioned clearly. Onlineclues have kept this aspect at the top and fulfilling all the criteria to be in the best online shopping site. Weather it is the availability of warranty or description of the product Onlineclues has given all the description of the product in detail.

 6. CUSTOMER REVIEWS: This is the most important part or key feature of any online store. Customer reviews on any site attract the customers. Customers with good shopping experience will definitely going to give you positive remarks which is very useful to grab the attention of other customers. According to the studies people believe in the reviews and ratings instead of the mouth of word. That is why most of the online shopping sites and other services are managing their online reviews and ratings as it does play a vital role.