Tuesday, 18 October 2016

OnlineClues – Making All Customers Satisfied

OnlineClues has launched their services in online sales department. They had established themselves as one of the most successful B2C companies in India in the traditional domain before moving to online marketplace. The decision doesn’t come as a surprise since most of the companies are moving over the web to increase their sales and leverage the new arena that is available to them. It is only natural for companies to move to e-Commerce where many big and small players are operating within their domain now. It is helpful though if they cater to their consumers with quality as word of mouth is important constituent of marketing.

One of the major ways of creating buzz over the web is by creating a good products profile. So be it with denims, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, belts, and other similar line for men’s, or the denims, single piece dresses, tops, t-shirts, for women, or the electronics and FILA fashion department, they come prepared with a variety of well-priced products. It is important in today’s day and age to price the products well and have a good quality in store. They tick all the boxes in this department and are ready to roll into the e-Commerce industry.
Among the other departments, there are several consumer electronics. Be it the quality laptops from top manufacturers and brands, or the headphones and home theater systems and speakers, they have stocked them all. They also have iPhone6 at an incredible price. It is heartening to see that they have gone for quality first model, and haven’t stocked up on almost everything. They are curating and dealing with the ability to create more quantity, but their focus had been to provide high-quality finished products instead of having all quantity and zero quality.

It is also important to make sure of the customer satisfaction and they have been at the forefront of such a service. The key takeaways from their traditional business model had been about having the right word of mouth. So when they came online, they worked on the same model, and they have been working hard on their customer support domain. They are prepared to give the kind of support to the customers that any top e-Commerce player should be giving, and are earnest in their services and support department. They also take note of every complaints and strive to improve their standings.

OnlineClues is based out of Hissar in Haryana. They have worked hard from their location to reach new places via the sheer grit and determination to stand out amidst the crowd of startups who are into fashion e-Commerce retail. Working on e-commerce has tis challenges, but OnlineClues has met them with strength. The hassle free returns, cash on delivery and price-match offer are excellent schemes to lure young buyers. Price-match is definitely one of the important deals, because it is impossible to actually be able to check all this while buying, and hence often buyers regret later finding a lower price elsewhere.