Thursday, 20 October 2016

Online Clues – Beating All The Negatives

Some of the new players to have entered the booming and yet the largely untapped e-Commerce industry of the industry has faced several negative marketing tactics. One of the trending keywords regarding Online Clues has been ‘OnlineClues Complaint’ wherein some results have been shown to contain the complaints. While some may be genuine, Online Clues assures 99% of them have to be fake. The reasoning being that they have worked on creating a quality customer support before actually creating the online sale marketplace. They take their customer service seriously, and they have invested much in it to be defeated by a few wrong keywords.

 OnlineClues have been in business for long, and is one of the successful B2C players in the market. They have developed a repertoire in the market, and word of mouth regarding them is strong. Especially considering the clients, they have worked with, they are known to deliver quality products and services. They have developed a brand for themselves, and strive hard to give customer support that includes some of the best features and most well-trained customer care executives and technical support managers to help the customers.

It isn’t a new brand. It has only entered the e-Commerce business now. Any business, for it to run long, has to have quality services as one of their key points. Without the presence of that, it is a hard job. OnlineClues Complain usually talk about the various products and customer service and so on, but if you notice, the complaints and the numbers are really hard to match. Online Clues has been in business for long, and therefore understands how negative marketing works, especially in the online world where it is easy to create a negative word about any company.

The three key features of the company’s online store are:

1. Cash on Delivery
2. Hassle Free Returns
3. Price Match

With cash on delivery, half the worries of the customers are gone. If it was fraud, they would usually disallow cash on delivery as a customer gets an option of rejecting the packet very easily. Hassle free returns are offered in case customers aren’t happy with the products they have received. Again, it rules out OnlineClues Complaint as the products can directly be replaced without any effort. Price match service is a masterclass. They offer to refund the difference in price if the customer finds the same product at some other place at a lower price. It is their price challenge, and they make sure they have competitive pricing- lowest in the market.

With all the quality and pricing measures in place, it is hard to believe how people would actually trend OnlineClues Complaint. They have a quality product line which includes men’s garments like denims, t-shirts, shirts, belts, shoes; women’s garments like one-piece, t-shirts, tops, denims, shoes; FILA clothing, electronics like laptops and iPhone 6 among others. Besides, they have an excellent service support to back up their services.